Gold Mining in Hawaii (2024)? All You Need to Know

Gold mining in Hawaii - facts.

Hawaii does not have the right geological conditions for gold; there is no commercial gold mining in the state; read about these and other facts and figures about gold mining in HI.

Is there Gold in Hawaii?

NO, there are no gold deposits in the state; there has never been a gold mining industry:

  • Hawaii does not have the geological conditions for gold deposits. (However, recent research found gold in fresh basanite glass from the early submarine phase of Kilauea volcano). This gold is neither commercially mine-able nor accessible for amateur prospectors.
  • The best way to prospect for gold in Hawaii is in its nightclubs, or with a metal detector at the beaches searching for lost jewelry.
  • The US Geological Survey currently lists 11 gold producing states that count towards the US gold production (with Nevada and Alaska at the top). In the past, many more states were gold producers. Hawaii was never among them.
  • The US Geological Survey does not list any current or historical gold sites in Hawaii. It lists around 60 sites with other natural resources such as bauxite, Lime and sand.

Key Takeaways:

Fact Explanation
Remember No gold deposits
Gold Deposits No
Discovery Year Never
Discoverer None
Mining Industry Not active
Last Gold Mine None
Panning Locations None

Check out the video about gold jewelry prospecting on the beach:


Where is Gold in Hawaii?

There are is no naturally occurring gold in Hawaii’s rocks or rivers.

See below a preview image of the revised geological map of Hawaii. Full resolution version is found here.

Revised geological map of Hawaii (US Geological Service).
Revised geological map of Hawaii (US Geological Service).

What is the History of Gold Mining in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not have a history of gold mining.

Is There Gold in Other US States?

According to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGC), there are 11 states that mine gold and contribute towards the gold mining statistic: Nevada is responsible for the majority of gold output, around 72%, followed by Alaska (13%). 9 other contribute in sum to the remaining 15% of gold production: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah.