37.5 Gram Gold Price Today (2024): Price, History and Background

Latest 37.5 Gram Gold Price: USD 2,451.14
Last Update: 28 February 2024

This page gives an overview about the 37.5 gram gold price today in dollars, daily historical prices, a calculator, gold rates in different countries and more.

37.5 gram is a weight that is traded in Asian markets, equivalent to 1 tael or Vietnamese Mot Luong. Gold of this weight is traditionally cast as a torus (donut) or flat square shape. Nowadays, also some Western refiners produce gold bars of this weight. A louong is not often on offer in the United States; but easier to get in Australia.

What is the price of 37.5 gram of gold?
The gold rate today for 37.5 gram of gold is USD 2451.14.

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37.5 Gram Gold Price Today on 28 February 2024: USD 2,451.14

Calculate the price for 37.5 gram of gold.
Calculate the price for 37.5 gram of gold.

This gold rate is for pure gold, which is 24 karat, of at least 99.5% of gold, often with 99.9% of gold content (a fineness of 995 or 999).

In Western countries only gold bullion (gold coins and gold bars for investment purposes, with the Krugerrand being the oldest bullion gold coin) are made with this high purity. Some even with a fineness of 999.9 (e.g. Maple Leaf, Philharmonic coin and the Britannia). Gold jewelry has a much lower gold purity (most popular are 18k, 14k and 10k), as pure gold is too soft making it easy to scratch and bend (see gold properties). However, in Asian countries (India, China), also gold jewelry of 24k karat is popular for certain occasions, like weddings (see also gold and culture).

Therefore, the price for 37.5 gram of gold needs to be converted to the actual purity value of the jewelry.

37.5 Gram Gold Price: 30-Day-History and Daily Rates

Woman thinking about the 37.5 gram gold price.
Woman thinking about the 37.5 gram gold price.

Here is an overview of the historical development of the daily 37.5 gram gold price of the last 30 days. Gold prices are set from Monday till Friday (similar to the stock market). Therefore, weekends list the price of Friday.

How did the gold price change over the last 30 days?

  • Over the past 30 days, the gold market went from $2455.61 for 37.5 gram of gold to $2451.14, which is a change of -0.18%
  • The highest price was $2477.39 for 37.5 gram of gold, reached on 01. Feb. 2024
  • The lowest price was $2399.19 for 37.5 gram of gold, observed on 14. Feb. 2024

Chart of the 37.5 gram gold price of the last 30 days


Table with the daily 37.5 gram gold price in USD of the last 30 days

DateGold Price
28. Feb. 2024USD 2,451.14
27. Feb. 2024USD 2,447.27
26. Feb. 2024USD 2,446.62
25. Feb. 2024USD 2,454.71
24. Feb. 2024USD 2,454.71
23. Feb. 2024USD 2,456.26
22. Feb. 2024USD 2,439.28
21. Feb. 2024USD 2,442.05
20. Feb. 2024USD 2,442.77
19. Feb. 2024USD 2,431.72
18. Feb. 2024USD 2,427.50
17. Feb. 2024USD 2,427.50
16. Feb. 2024USD 2,426.86
15. Feb. 2024USD 2,417.49
14. Feb. 2024USD 2,399.19
13. Feb. 2024USD 2,401.66
12. Feb. 2024USD 2,434.21
11. Feb. 2024USD 2,440.81
10. Feb. 2024USD 2,440.81
09. Feb. 2024USD 2,440.95
08. Feb. 2024USD 2,450.09
07. Feb. 2024USD 2,453.94
06. Feb. 2024USD 2,454.65
05. Feb. 2024USD 2,443.16
04. Feb. 2024USD 2,458.09
03. Feb. 2024USD 2,458.09
02. Feb. 2024USD 2,457.71
01. Feb. 2024USD 2,477.39
31. Jan. 2024USD 2,466.83
30. Jan. 2024USD 2,455.61

37.5 Gram Gold Price from 24 Karat down to 8 Karat

The following table gives you the gold price for 37.5 gram in different purities (karat), which is important if you want to get the value of jewelry:

KaratGold Price
24 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 2,451.14
22 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 2,246.88
21 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 2,144.75
20 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 2,042.62
18 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 1,838.36
16 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 1,634.09
14 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 1,429.83
12 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 1,225.57
10 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 1,021.31
9 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 919.18
8 karat per 37.5 gramUSD 817.05

Gold Price Calculator for 37.5 Gram and More

If you enter gram, the value in pure gold will be calculated.
If you enter dollars, the weight of gold will be calculated.

Formula: Calculating the 37.5 Gram Gold Price

The price for gold is quoted in troy ounce, which is around 31.1 gram.

How to get the value for 37.5 gram of gold?

One gram of gold is divided by 31.1.

Today’s gold price per ounce is USD 2,033.04.

Then one gram is USD 2,033.04 / 31.1 = USD 65.36.

Therefore, 37.5 gram of gold is USD 65.36 * 37.5 = USD 2451.14.

Current Market Scenario

Check out the video about what influences the gold price:

37.5 Gram Gold Price Today

As of 28 February 2024 the 37.5 gram gold price is USD 2451.14. This price is subject to fluctuations based on various factors such as supply and demand, economic conditions, and geopolitical events.

Factors Influencing the 37.5 gram gold price

The price of 37.5 gram of gold is influenced by a multitude of factors. These include the international gold market and the overall economic health. Additionally, factors like mining costs, gold production, and changes in jewelry and industrial demand also play a significant role in determining the gold price trends.

Historical Trends in 37.5 gram of Gold

Historically, the price of 37.5 gram of gold has seen both highs and lows. Over the past decade, gold prices have generally been on an upward trend, with occasional dips. This is largely due to increasing demand, geopolitical tensions, and economic uncertainties. Understanding these historical trends can help in making informed predictions about future gold price trends.

Read more in history of gold and gold investment.

What is 37.5 Gram of Gold Worth?

The current price of 37.5 gram of gold is USD 2451.14. This value can fluctuate based on various factors, including market demand, geopolitical events, and economic conditions. It’s essential to note that the price of gold can vary depending on the region or country, and it’s always a good idea to check the most up-to-date pricing.

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